Gympie Tenpins History

  • Gympie Tenpin was opened in 1984
  • Flooded in Feb 1992
  • Closed until 1993 when it was put up for auction
  • It had all the lanes replaced in 1993
  • Reopened in July 1993 under new ownership
  • Late 1994 the first automatic scoring system was installed (Amf acuscore)
  • A flood wall was built in 1995 100mm above the 1992 flood level which was the highest flood recorded in the 1900’s
  • The first 300 game was bowled by Jason Nugent in 1995 at the age of 18
  • (many 300’s have been bowled since)
  • In 1999 February again the flood wall was tested

Unfortunately the flood level went over the wall, making the 1999 flood the highest in more than 100 years.

"At 1am a call was put out on the radio for anyone who could help to get to Gympie Tenpin  and within 5 minutes there were cars coming from everywhere.

People were picking up whatever they could fit in their cars and trucks and taking it.The flood water entered the building at 2 am and the water level dropped below the lane level at 2 pm the same day (12 hours under water but if it wasn’t for the wall, water would have been on the lanes for 24 hours)

Over the next couple of days everyone started returning what they had. We had no idea where anything had gone. One truck driver after 2 days said he could get to Brisbane the next day so he had to unload his semi (He had a whole semi load of stuff)

A 3 phase dehumidifier was brought up from Sydney 1 week after the flood to dry out the lanes for an estimated 3 weeks (according to the experts). 3 months later it was still running 24 hours per day."

5 weeks after flood, Gympie Tenpin reopened. The flood wall was raised to well above the 100year flood level.

2001 the auto scoring system was replaced with a state of the art Computerscore system 2011 another flood, the bowl was evacuated and flood doors fitted but the water stopped one metre from floor level.

2012, another 2 floods in 2 weeks.  This time no evacuation.  We put our faith in the flood wall & doors. Again the water stopped below floor level but we are now hopeful that when the water reaches new heights we will be able to keep it out.

 2016 Peter And Sue Walsh decided it was time to call it quits and I Rachel and my partner in crime Adam decided we would love to buy the bowling alley and bring it back to life. We made some big changes in 2016 and hope to make a few more in the times to come.

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